Men’s fashion – It’s all about YOU with Male fashion advice

Male fashion advice has existed ever since we upgraded from wearing saber tooth tiger furs to the fine woolen tailored suits, linen button-down shirts, and chino pants – but not all of it has been pointed in the right direction.

All it takes is a quick look through time to see that this is obviously the truth, and even though each and every era of men’s fashion has had its own interesting little wrinkle in time, the stone cold reality is that much of the classic advice you’ve been given is dead wrong, dangerous, and just not going to cut it in today’s modern world.

Now, this is in no way saying that you need to seek out male fashion advice that will tell you to dress like Lady Gaga – I think we all know exactly how well that wouldn’t go over – but you should always keep a single thought in mind when you are trying to figure out what kind of fashion for men you should purchase and invest in and which items you should ignore as much as humanly possible.

That simple advice is just that men’s fashion is all about you, only you, and your specific personality.

Understand that men’s fashion tips that might work for someone else may not be the smash success of that you were hoping for on your own body

There is absolutely no such thing as one-size-fits-all advice that can work in the men’s fashion industry, something that more and more men are learning on a regular basis.

As much as we would like to lean on the traditional advice that we’ve been given time and time again, things change rapidly (especially in any fashion world) and we need to try to stay as current as humanly possible. Of course there are classic and clean-cut looks that you can continue to wear on a regular basis to great effect – but you always need to look through whatever male fashion advice you are receiving through the lens of how fantastic it’s going to look on you.

This means that you have to inject your own bit of personality, flair, and style (even if you don’t think you have any) into each and every look you put on or consider investing in – or it’s just not going to work. We’ve all seen what happens when surfer guys decide to try and go all buttoned up without really a making their close their own (or vice versa) – it’s a laughable experience that cannot ever be pulled off perfectly.

Look for the classic rules of male fashion, but always trying to bend and twist them to suit your needs – not the other way around

White T-shirts, blue jeans, Converse All-Stars, leather jackets, and it perfectly tailored suit will never go out of fashion – it is physically impossible. If it ever was to happen, the time space continuum might slam on the brakes instantly, throwing our world into a completely new galaxy or dimension and changing of the scope of everything as we know it.

Okay, it might not be that earth shattering – but it would be hard to believe to imagine that any of these classics go out of style anytime soon (or ever, for that matter).

That being said, we can lean on the classic looks of men’s fashion advice too often – using it as a crutch rather than trying to elevate each and every one of these classic details to fit our specific personality. For instance, while you might think that a leather jacket is just a leather jacket, there is a tremendous difference between a brand-new off the rack leather jacket designed specifically for the affluent people in a simple and Italian looking cut and a leather jacket that is vintage, abused, and would look absolutely perfect on someone who lives 24/7 on their motorcycles.

Obviously, wearing either one of these would technically be putting on a leather jacket – but the effect that you are pulling off with just a little bit of customization due to your specific personality is where the real magic happens.

Once you know the classic rules, try to break them in subtle – but exciting – ways

There’s a huge difference between just bucking the trends of the male fashion industry just to try and make yourself look a little wild or outrageous, and understanding all of the classic rules of male fashion advice (Reddit advice or any other source you might find) and then trying to shift and change subtly to give yourself a unique perspective.

The first should be avoided at all costs – there is absolutely no reason to try to peacock, yourself out there just for the sake of showing off your feathers – while the second should be embraced on a regular basis as often as you possibly can. Try to take everything and anything you buy and given your own little spin, breaking the rules in the subtlest but most interesting ways possible.

This could be something as simple as wearing canvas shoes with a tailored suit, throwing a vest over the vintage rock T-shirts and torn jeans, or any other contrast that you can come up with a that really starts to sing with your unique personality.

Whatever you do, ignore being one of those cookie-cutter catalog type outfit wearers

If you’ve ever seen any of the men’s magazines out there that show you a tremendously jacked, perfectly stumbled, hair just blowing this way men’s model wearing the latest and greatest fashions and felt like you could run out and grab that same outfit and just get a little bit of the charm and personality yourself – snap out of it here at

The last thing that you’re going to want to do is go and buy any of these cookie-cutter outfits, looking like you’ve just stepped out of a men’s fashion warehouse and went loose on your credit card. The whole idea of male fashion is to bring in the very best looks that you possibly can without conforming to the mold that all of the men’s fashion tips out there tell you that you have to follow. Break the rules a little bit, never look like you stepped out of a magazine, and you’re going to find that your sense of fashion shoots through the roof dramatically.


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