Men’s Summer Fashion Essentials by Male Fashion Advice

We’re getting about to full on beach season now, and unless you’ve upgraded your wardrobe according to the hottest summer male fashion advice the odds are fantastic that you’re not going to make as big of a splash as you could have.

Now, this is in no way recommending that you go out and flip your closets or toss out all of your old clothes just because we are dealing with a new summer season (though, if you have the funds this is in a terrible idea – just make sure that you donate your old clothes, rather than just pitch them in the garbage). No, you should be able to integrate just a handful of these men’s summer fashion tips into your wardrobe while still breathing new life into the other articles that you have hanging around to pull off a brand-new and super fresh look.

You absolutely need to find the perfect white T-shirt – and buy as many of them as you possibly can

I think we all know exactly how important the classic white T-shirt can be, but the truth of the matter is that all too many of us don’t have a fresh supply of these crisp white tees on hand – and that’s a real shame.

Not all white T-shirts are created the same, and when you find a brand and a size that absolutely fits you right down to the ground – as though it was made specifically for your body and only your body – you need to stock up on them as soon as humanly possible. Of course, with proper wash and care you should be able to get a tremendous amount of life and where out of these, but all white T-shirts fade and begin to yellow over time and you’re going to want to have a steady supply to change them out.

White T-shirts work with absolutely everything, serving as the perfect undershirt to any of the summer weddings you’re going to be attending to just something to wear when beating around the house or heading down to the beach. This is one of the absolute essentials you cannot go without.

Make sure that you also have a steady supply of your favorite blue jeans – ones that fit but don’t have any crazy washes applied to them

If your favorite pair of jeans has been beaten to the point of it almost coming entirely apart the next time that you wash it, you have a fantastic idea of what it’s like to stumble upon the Holy Grail of men’s fashion advice. Paired with the perfect white T-shirt, there is no more classic look at than the white top with blue jeans – a look that absolutely everyone of us can pull off almost as good as James Dean used to.

Now, I’m not going to recommend that you run out and buy handfuls and handfuls of your favorite blue jeans, simply because these can get considerably more pricey than white T-shirts ever could. But if you’re going to spring for a new item for your summer fashion, the right pair of blue jeans is probably where your best money could be spent.

Just make sure that you’re not going with anything that already has a wash or distressing done to it – that look has been beaten absolutely to death, and you’re going to want to look like a man not like some homeless transient who can’t afford a good pair of jeans.

Of course, this look does not apply to jeans that you’ve actually beaten and broken in all your own – those are treasured pieces of clothing that need to be treated with real respect and reference that they deserve.

When it comes to shorts, keep it simple but don’t keep them super short

The problem with shorts in the summer – especially when you’ve been browsing a number of men’s summer fashion magazines or checking out the male fashion advice Reddit has to offer – is that you can get sucked into the idea of short shorts in their glorious comeback.

Well, to tell you the truth, you’re going to have a hard time selling your new grape smugglers to anyone and everyone – keep it just above the knee or at least a little bit below it, never any shorter. If you’re at any point able to put two fingers pressed together between your knee and the hem of your shorts, it’s time to give them to your little sister – and they are too short for you.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not going overboard with jean shorts (which should be ignored at every single opportunity – literally, there is no reason for these to be in your closet or your possession) or cargo shorts – though the latter certainly has a place and time in all of our wardrobes. Board shorts are absolutely acceptable for casual offense, but when you’re trying to just get through your day-to-day stick to simple colored, plain pattern shorts that are the perfect size and length. Not too much, not too little – the ultimate piece of clothing for comfort without compromising your style in any way whatsoever.

But seriously – stay away from the short shorts. I mean it.

Pick up some casual shoes – but stay away from the sandals

All right, this one is a little bit difficult to say simply because there are times and places where sandals will be the absolute perfect pair of footwear – but those opportunities are so few and far between that as a general rule you should stay away from wearing these.

It’s not because sandals are some of the most comfortable shoes on the face of the planet (they are) – it’s because your feet (and men’s feet in general) are not the kind of thing you want to have on full display. This is especially true if you’ve been neglecting to take care of your foot hygiene, trimming your toenails, making sure you don’t look like a hobbit with all the hair you have grown on your feet, and scraping off all of those nasty calluses that you’ve been developing.

Seriously, if you wouldn’t snap a picture of your feet (your bare feet) and post it as your profile picture to Facebook for a month then you have no business wearing sandals.

That being said, you want to grab a handful of pairs of casual shoes (canvas shoes, boat shoes, sneakers, and other casual kicks) to complement the laid-back attitude that summer brings to the table.


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