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Each and every year, male fashion advice changes dramatically – even though the basic rules of classic fashion always stay the same. However, to avoid looking like you just stepped out of a time machine from a decade or so ago (or even just get caught wearing the last seasons fashion) you’re going to want to pay close attention to the men’s summer fashion tips included below.

I promise that this guide is going to be just a short and easy to read as humanly possible – giving you the bare-bones and foundational information you need to pull together a top-notch wardrobe for this summer season. Obviously, you’re going to want to spend a couple of bucks on the highest and clothing that you can – always opting to go with a handful of high quality clothing pieces rather than snagging whatever you can out of the bargain rack.

Not only is that this male fashion advice going to give you the kind of confidence you deserve, but it’s also going to garner a tremendous amount of attention from all of the ladies that you meet on the beach, on the Boardwalk, or just out in about under the summer sun. I think we all know that men all over the world could pay a little bit more attention to the male fashion advice Reddit subform to steal at least a couple of tips to boost their game dramatically – but if they never catch on it’s all the better for us.

Without further ado, let’s go down the line of the very best men’s summer looks for 2013.

Bold colors are in – and I mean bold colors

If you’re thinking that able to learn is bright fire engine red or game day royal, I’ve got news for you buddy – things they are a-changin’.

Truth be told, bold colors today are not the same bold colors of your daddies era – or even your granddaddy’s era. Now, bold colors today are the ones that make you almost feel like the person who is wearing them have a portable battery pack to plug them in somewhere, simply because they are so superbright, in your face, and electric across-the-board.

We’re talking about lime green, poison yellow, blaze orange, road worker green, and a whole host of other electric colors – the brighter the bolder. If you want to grab some attention this summer, you’re going to need to trade in your dark blues, greys, blacks, whites, and jump aboard the color train – because it leaving the station.

Now, obviously, you want to avoid looking like a Levelland just threw up all over your outfit – keep your bold colors to a single piece at most – and if it’s an accessory piece all the better. In this means that if you have the opportunity, go with a very bold hat, bold shades, or bold watch. But if you can swing it, upgrade your shirts, your shorts, or your shoes – but never more than one article of clothing at a time. There is no need to look like you just walked out of a radioactive swamp.

Ditch the baggy clothing, you want stuff that actually fits

Now, this is going to be at least a little bit hard to hear for some of us who have let our physical fitness drop ever sense we abandon gym class back in high school – but it’s a lesson that you need to learn.

Nobody (and I mean George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey, and Brad Pitt included) looks good in clothing that doesn’t fit – especially if it’s a bit on the baggy side. While you might think that those baggy pieces of clothing hide your extras all around the midsection, the truth of the matter is the exact opposite. You’re going to look even bigger than you already are, not exactly an ideal look for anyone.

Of course, this is in no way recommending that you run out and jump on top of Under Armour or compression shorts for all of your clothing choices – we don’t want to mix into eight any of the trouble spot areas that we trying to hide. No, you just need to invest in clothing that actually fits you right down to the ground, perfectly selected for your body type with patterns that complement your features while eliminating or hiding any and all of your negatives.

You don’t have to run to a tailor to get your white T-shirts pulled in a bit, just make sure that you are selecting close right off the rack that actually fit your size, and are not just a single size bigger here in this is a step in the right direction,” instantly upgrade your wardrobe in ways that you cannot imagine right now.

Board shorts and boat shoes are all the rage

There are two specific ways that you should be looking to address this summer, according to the very best malefashionadvice out there right now – you either go the beach bum look, wakeboard in hand or you go to the exact opposite and climb aboard your own personal yacht and head down to Maryland for some crabcakes and football.

Board shorts and boat shoes are absolutely two of the hottest items flying off the shelves right now as far as summer fashion for men go, and you’re going to want to jump aboard at this look as soon as humanly possible. Now, I would recommend that you upgrade your entire wardrobe to one or the other – you’ll want to have a couple of curveballs in your back pocket for every opportunity – but you’ll want to try and focus on one look or the other depending upon where you find yourself most often (and which one works perfectly with your personality).

Like all male fashion advice, this is subject to change faster than the weather does, so keep your eyes peeled for all of the other tips that we are going to be posting on a regular basis. Men’s fashion tips can be found all throughout this site, and you’ll be able to upgrade your style dramatically just by paying attention to some of the information we have to share.


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