Rookie fashion mistakes by Male Fashion Advice

There aren’t too terribly many of us men out there who have been born with a fantastic sense of fashion.

In fact, statistics show that an overwhelming amount of men (a considerable amount more than women) are completely colorblind – and when you square this with the fact that very few of us had male figures in our lives that would readily dispense male fashion advice to us (or even looked like they adhered to any men’s fashion tips whatsoever themselves), you find that we have a perfect storm of conditions up against us.

But somehow, someway we seem to find ways to break free of this traumatic experience – at least some of us do. We are able to learn the rules of fashion, copy all of the classic looks that we have all fallen in love with, and then learn to break some of the rules to fall off a style that is uniquely and distinctly our own. Still, from time to time will make a handful or more different rookie mistakes that can really make us look more than a little bit odd – and if you’re just starting out with malefashionadvice (especially the info you can grab from the male fashion advice Reddit sub forum) – and you’re going to want to pay close attention to the information below.

Once you’re armed with some of the mistakes that we make almost around-the-clock you’ll be able to avoid them each and every time they come up in the future – helping you get closer and closer to the Holy Grail of fashion tips for men: never having to need them in the first place.

The biggest rookie fashion mistake that almost all of us men make on a regular basis is purchasing clothing that is far too big for us

Look, we all understand that ever sense we got out of high school and were forced to do gym class anymore we packed on a couple of extra unpleasant pounds that we would rather do without. And for whatever reason, aware just not able to drop that weight as quickly as we were able to in the past – making for a perfect storm of conditions that causes almost each and every single one of us to purchase clothing that suggest a single size too large (and very often even bigger than that).

We do this subconsciously thinking that because it’s a little bit bigger it’s going to be able to smooth out all of the lumps and bumps that we’ve acquired because of too much beer and not enough bench press – but in fact, it does the exact opposite.

It makes us look as though we’ve wrapped ourselves in a tarp – and that we might even have a little more cushion going on and we thought originally. Male fashion advice (at least the good tips) start and end with telling you just how critically important it is to purchase the clothing that actually fits your body size and type, almost always trending towards being too tight then too small.

Now, obviously you don’t want to go for a big guy in a little coat scenario – but I think you’ll be able to tell the difference between something that fits and something that is choking.

When it comes to shorts, there’s one simple rule that you should pay attention to – they have to break in the middle (or slightly above) your kneecap

That’s it.

Seriously, the biggest mistake that men make when paying attention to men’s summer fashion tips is believing that they can single-handedly bring back the short-shorts movement or that somehow high waters are going to become attractive once again.

Well, I’ve got news for you – unless you are spending your summer in Europe and can afford to tell everyone that your grape smuggling, you’re probably going to want to stay away from shorts that are too short. And the only time that you should be wearing three-quarter sized pants (which is exactly what many of the two terribly long shorts are) is when you’re playing baseball. If you don’t have a glove on, then don’t put on the uniform.

Always – ALWAYS – try to dress to impress (but stay congruent with your own personality every single time)

You’re always going to want to air on the side of dressing up too much and then dressing down too much, even in the casual atmosphere that the summer weather almost always brings. That being said, you have to make sure that you’ve never abandons your unique personality and style just to try and fit some specific dress code that may or may not even exist – always injecting as much of you into your close as humanly possible.

This means that you’ll want to come up with as many distinct and unique ways to really highlight your personality with each and every outfit you ever wear, making it entirely your own and unique even if you’re following classic men’s summer fashion advice and tips. You’re going to find that a tremendous amount of the male fashion advice Reddit sub forum is dedicated towards trying to personalize each and every piece of clothing that you won’t rather than going out and purchasing cookie-cutter catalog like outfits. You’re going to find so much better results if you do as this one simple tip.

Tried to inject color into your outfit as much as humanly possible

Too many of us have begun to lean entirely upon whites, greys, blacks, and dark blues as our go to color when wearing clothes – maybe once in a while spring for some red or some green.

However, almost every single ounce of summer fashion tips for men will tell you just how critically important it is to inject color into your wardrobe at every opportunity – the bolder the better. Remember, this is a time to really let loose a bit. We talking about the casual summer atmosphere here, and you’re going to be able to have more fun with your clothes and then you would have been able to otherwise.


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