Shooting for the perfect summer look by Male Fashion Advice

Truth be told, there is no perfect summer male fashion advice that will help you get the perfect summer look.

I know, I know – that’s not what you heard on the a male fashion advice Reddit sub forum or cruising through any of the malefashionadvice magazines that you’ve been paying attention to. In fact, you’ve heard the exact opposite is true – that if you pour enough male fashion advice down your throat or directly through your eyeballs you’ll be able to learn everything about summer fashion and will be able to pull off the perfect summer look with almost no effort whatsoever (especially if you buy at their often ridiculously high-priced clothing).

Well, I think we all know that this isn’t happening – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish the perfect summer look with a little bit of effort on your behalf. In fact, just by following the basic principles below (and injecting your own unique personality into your own summer look) you should be able to upgrade your style almost overnight in ways that you’ve never before imagined possible.

The important thing here to remember is to invest in the light fabrics and colorful clothing

This is the summer that were talking about here. You know, beach weather, heat waves, heading down to the public pool or the beach as often as humanly possible – maybe even taking in a little bit of skinny-dipping on a night that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life.

This is a time for fun, comfort, and making sure that your style never gets in the way of that light attitude and enjoyment that you should be bringing to each and every single day. The best way to do this is to invest in super light fabrics (cottons and lightweight synthetics only) to make sure that you are never getting too hot under the collar when the temperature and humidity begins to rise. It doesn’t matter how amazing your clothing is on the surface, and nobody likes to see the sweaty guy a really struggling under the hot summer sun.

At the same time, you can forever shed those gray toned clothing, whites, navy blues, and other drab colors entirely – it’s time to kick it a little bit into high gear here and start to really let loose with our creativity and our boldness. Bright colors are absolutely in this year, and almost every single men’s summer fashion tip out there is telling you to pump up the electricity in each and every one of your clothing choices.

Fashion styles for men continue to change and shift with each and every single summer – but the perfect set of shades is always going to look fantastic

Sunglasses are one of the very best ways to elevate your style dramatically – so long as you pick the very best pair for your personality, activity level, and face shape.

You would be blown away by the amount of people who grabbed absolutely fantastic looking shades thinking that they were going to look exactly like the model in the magazine dead – only to find that their expensive investment doesn’t match their face shape and profile and throws everything out of whack entirely.

Always pay close attention to the style of the lenses that you are considering investing in – as well as the size of the lenses you are thinking about purchasing – before you pull the trigger. You’re going to want to make sure that you are purchasing something that complements your face shape and draws attention to the highlights of your features, rather than just grabbing whatever you think might look nice but doesn’t have any of the style that you were hoping for. There is a tremendous amount of value in paying attention to the male fashion advice Reddit sub forum for these kind of tips and tricks – and you’ll find that your style as far sunglasses go are upgraded almost instantly after you’ve read a couple of the posts.

Shoes really do over the entire summer look together

It’s amazing that a tremendous amount of the male fashion advice out there doesn’t focus solely on the footwear that you’re wearing on a regular basis. Maybe the most important part of your whole look, without the right kicks (or ones that look old, dirty, and dingy) you’re going to have a hard time making a fantastic first impression – or any impression at all for that matter.

Men’s fashion tips love to point you in the direction of the classic choices that are out there on the market today, but just like when trying to find the perfect color for your new clothing you’ll want to go as bold as you possibly can without pushing too terribly far. I know, that sounds a little bit weak as far as male fashion advice goes – but you are going to have to be your own sounding board here. It’s impossible to know your specific personality, but if your gut instinct (and your very first thought) is exactly how fantastic the shoes are going to look, then you have only one choice – by them and wear them as often as you possibly can.

Finally, remember that we’re talking about summer men’s fashion tips here – getting a little bit messy and keeping things casual is going to be in your best interest

In no way am I recommending that you show up to work at your high-powered job looking like you’ve just crawled out of a four-week vendor – but getting a little bit of stubble on your face, letting your hair get a little must up and just a touch oily, and getting some sun on your skin is going to give you that perfect summer look that you’ve been trying to pull off. You’re going to look young, you’re going to look fun, you’re going to look healthy – in you’re going to look casual and confident. I cannot tell you exactly how important this is with the ladies, but you’re going to find out firsthand the Minutemen you adapt a little bit of messiness in your overall look.


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